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Goal Setting

New Year’s Day is upon us. What is a fresh and shiny year without a list of goals?  I’m all prepared.  I have a chart.  I have stickers.  Nothing more is needed except maybe some will-power and determination. Why set … Continue reading

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Writing Groups

  I’ve heard both ends of the spectrum when it comes to writing groups.  Some people say they will kill your fire, some say they will keep it alive.  I’m looking forward to meeting with mine this weekend, and without … Continue reading

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Time Saving Measures

We’re all busy, frazzled at work, overwhelmed at home, trying to find a way to jam everything into twenty-four hours.  There are a thousand pieces of advice to take, and actually following a few would probably help.  I’ve overextended myself … Continue reading

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Free Ebook Results

Well, my book When, Were, & Howl is nearing the end of the ‘free ebook’ promotion on Amazon.  It’s always hard to say whether a free promotion is driving business or not.  I’m curious to see how the book does … Continue reading

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Kindle Lending

I’m taking advantage of the new Kindle lending program (as an author).  I posted “When, Were, & Howl: A Very M-Were-y Christmas on Amazon as an exclusive, which allows the book to be borrowed.  The great news is that I … Continue reading

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I love Christmas…and if I had to narrow it down.  I think I would have to say that my favorite part is the sparklies.  The Christmas tree is up with lights and tiny globes hanging from the branches, and a … Continue reading

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