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That moment of Triumph

I’m excited…and nervous…and excited…and confused. It’s hard to pick that moment to decide “It’s finished” and finally publish something that has been waiting, and I don’t know how to feel. I’ve been editing Death Knell for months and waiting for … Continue reading

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Death Knell: New Cover

My book is going through one final beta reader, another rewrite and then I’ll be ready to publish.  I’m really excited by my new cover, though.  I thought I’d let everyone take a peek…  

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Kindle Lending

I’m taking advantage of the new Kindle lending program (as an author).  I posted “When, Were, & Howl: A Very M-Were-y Christmas on Amazon as an exclusive, which allows the book to be borrowed.  The great news is that I … Continue reading

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Airport Security Burning Out Kindles

This is more of a service message than a blog.  As an ebook writer, I want everyone to have a great experience with their Kindles.  Apparently, the x-rays being used at the airport have “turned kindles into etch-a-sketches” according to … Continue reading

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Nerves of Diamond

I need the hardest substance…and steel just won’t cut it. Okay, I’ll admit it.  I’m nervous.  When I posted the When, Were, & Howl Series, I wasn’t even the slightest bit worried about its reception. I wrote it as a … Continue reading

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A Thousand Little Sorrows

I’m plotting.  The words seem somewhat vague for an equally vague process.  For me,  the major scenes of a story are easy. They are the reason I am writing.  The hard part?  The thousand little sorrows. Each character must face … Continue reading

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Details, Details, Details, (and Variety)

I’m going on protest.  Why? Every writer, editor, agent, and janitor spouts the “Show, Don’t Tell” rule, blogs and bandies it about while the new writer stares puzzled. (Go ahead. Point and yell telling.) Unfortunately, I don’t think it accurately … Continue reading

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