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Pavlov’s Squirrels

When I listen to music while washing dishes, a squirrel will usually end up dashing through the trees on the way to the patio.  Opening the back door works as well.  (Well, that and critter food.) Today I had a … Continue reading

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Crop Rotation and Creativity

There are times when I’m drained, when there is not a creative thought left in my head. I may be half-way through a novel and suddenly come up empty. For a while, I berated myself for those days when I … Continue reading

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A Thousand Little Sorrows

I’m plotting.  The words seem somewhat vague for an equally vague process.  For me,  the major scenes of a story are easy. They are the reason I am writing.  The hard part?  The thousand little sorrows. Each character must face … Continue reading

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Details, Details, Details, (and Variety)

I’m going on protest.  Why? Every writer, editor, agent, and janitor spouts the “Show, Don’t Tell” rule, blogs and bandies it about while the new writer stares puzzled. (Go ahead. Point and yell telling.) Unfortunately, I don’t think it accurately … Continue reading

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E-publishing – Why go there?

My first foray into E-publishing came as something of a lark when my writer’s group all decided that we were going to write a serial series, like those pulp fiction cliff-hangers, for Kindle.  So began a journey that has left … Continue reading

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