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The Extroverted Introvert

I’ve spent my life thinking that I’m an introvert.  After all, as a teenager I was a bookworm who spent bus trips staring out the window daydreaming. As a youngster I was uncomfortable with small talk and much preferred to … Continue reading

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The Sign Posted ‘No Cell Phones in the Locker Room’ —It’s NOT A SUGGESTION!

When the whole kerfuffle in Los Angeles occurred with a voyeur filming a woman changing her clothes and posting the photo online , I was outraged on the photographed woman’s behalf.  To be completely honest, I consider it a form … Continue reading

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I play full court five-on-five basketball three times a week.  While I wouldn’t say I’m terrible compared to everybody in the general population at large, I am playing with some very good players. I am definitely in the bottom tier … Continue reading

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Writing Conferences

Yesterday I went to a writing conference where we listened to other authors for about 10 minutes and then wrote for 45 minutes (repeated six times).  I found it almost hilarious how comfortable an entire room of people can be … Continue reading

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I’ve spent the last hour cleaning my home desk.  My main problem is a pile of paper scraps with random notes.  I have a scrap with the name of a book someone recommended to me, two passwords,  fonts I’ve used … Continue reading

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Turkish Delight

I live half a world away from Britain and never imagined that I would finally get to eat Turkish Delight.  Decades after reading The Chronicles of Narnia, I had a vivid imagination of what Turkish delight would be. What did … Continue reading

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Legislating Morality & the Movie Belle

I’m about to write a political blog. I just finished watching the movie Belle and the percolation of a few years of thinking about legislating morality and why I found the term troublesome rose to the surface.  After watching Belle, … Continue reading

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