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When, Were, & Howl: Stuck, Really I’m Stuck!

It’s coming!  I swear it is.  I’m just having so much trouble plotting #6 of the When, Were, & Howl series.  Humor is one of those sticky things.  When it works, it works.  I don’t know how to force it, … Continue reading

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Legislating Morality – Infantacide

I’m just wondering how infanticide has even become a topic of discussion or debate.  Has our country become so sick and twisted that murder is now a legitimate means of problem-solving? The law should boil down to one simple construct.  … Continue reading

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Business Sense and the Creative Mind

Business Sense and the Creative Mind.

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Business Sense and the Creative Mind

We fall in love.  That’s a huge problem for artists.  After hours and hours spent drawing, it’s hard to realize something isn’t working and toss it.  I’ve changed the covers on my When, Were, & Howl novels at least three … Continue reading

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Product Review of Pens: Primarily Gel

I was planning to purchase a few more varieties before this post, but a Walgreen’s pricing error has me stocked up for the next 6 months on Uniball 207 pens, so I’m going to post now. As a notebook writer, … Continue reading

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