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How to lose your audience in 3…2…1

The first rule of writing is easy.  Don’t bore your readers.  If a writer is tortured trying to think of the proper words when writing, the reader probably is, too.  Most writers learn that immediately upon entering into serious authorship. … Continue reading

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Overnight Success?

Before I get to success and failure, I’d like to thank those readers who bought my books and especially those who left reviews on my novels. Those reviews are vital to an author. Many advertising companies will only advertise with … Continue reading

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Living in Another World

One night a very long time ago, my mom told me that if I wanted to return to a dream, I should think about it at night before I went to sleep.  That single sentence changed my life because it … Continue reading

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A Writer’s Letter to Santa Clause

Dear Mr. Clause Dear Santa, I am sorry for the burnt cookies last year. I was on the computer and didn’t hear the timer. I’m sure you understand. This year I’ll try no-bake cookies. (You’re not still mad about the … Continue reading

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Writing and Lens Choice

  This week I’m reading a Stephen King novel, Dreamcatchers.  Normally when I’m reading, my author brain hibernates and enjoys the novel, only popping up now and again to think…hmmm, did you see how they did that? And then it … Continue reading

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First Time CreateSpace User: Here’s what I learned

I spent the weekend editing, creating and formatting furiously.  The formatting was by far the hardest, mostly because this was the first time.  I’m going to go through the problems I had and the things I had to do to … Continue reading

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Genius or Pure Stubborn Will

It’s hard to be criticized, especially when dreams and aspirations depend so heavily on public opinion. So how to answer critics? Because there will always be someone who doesn’t like you or your opinions or what you write or maybe … Continue reading

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