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I haven’t written in over a week.  Something happened and whoosh, the energy just drained out of my projects.  So what could a writer who has no motivation possibly say about motivation? Over the course of the last few months … Continue reading

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How to lose your audience in 3…2…1

The first rule of writing is easy.  Don’t bore your readers.  If a writer is tortured trying to think of the proper words when writing, the reader probably is, too.  Most writers learn that immediately upon entering into serious authorship. … Continue reading

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Planning the Next Book

I had it all figured out.  I was just putting the finishing touches on Book 3 of a middle-grade fantasy that I write under a pen name and after that I was going to write the sequel to Fate’s Dark … Continue reading

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Guest Authors Anna J. McIntyre and Nick Russell

It is my privilege to introduce to you Anna J. McIntyre (also writing as Bobbi Holmes) and Nick Russell. They are both excellent writers in the mystery genre. Nick is a road warrior who puts miles on his R.V. while … Continue reading

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A Writer’s Letter to Santa Clause

Dear Mr. Clause Dear Santa, I am sorry for the burnt cookies last year. I was on the computer and didn’t hear the timer. I’m sure you understand. This year I’ll try no-bake cookies. (You’re not still mad about the … Continue reading

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The Regency Romance

I think I’ve got it down.  After reading every regency romance our library carries and some it doesn’t, I’ve finally come to the end of my regency study. Here is what I’ve found… 1) The heroine will probably be an … Continue reading

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Reverse Advice: One Dimensional Characters

For quite some time I’ve been reading page upon page of advice to new writers.  And the more I mull it over, the more I realize a lot of it is wrong or at least incomplete. So let’s talk one … Continue reading

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