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Cheery Color

I’ve been cleaning my art room, which means another look at all of those failed paintings, the ones in half-finished disarray or with flaws that relegate them to the bottom of a portfolio. This usually results in a few groaning … Continue reading

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Great Resources for Artists and Authors

Over time, I have picked up several books that I have found extremely helpful in one form or another to my growth as either an artist or author.  Here is a list of my favorites… For Artists: The Tao of … Continue reading

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Details, Details, Details, (and Variety)

I’m going on protest.  Why? Every writer, editor, agent, and janitor spouts the “Show, Don’t Tell” rule, blogs and bandies it about while the new writer stares puzzled. (Go ahead. Point and yell telling.) Unfortunately, I don’t think it accurately … Continue reading

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