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How to lose your audience in 3…2…1

The first rule of writing is easy.  Don’t bore your readers.  If a writer is tortured trying to think of the proper words when writing, the reader probably is, too.  Most writers learn that immediately upon entering into serious authorship. … Continue reading

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Guest Author — Jess Mountfield

It is my pleasure to introduce Jess Mountfield, author of Sherdan’s Prophecy. Born in the quaint village of Woodbridge in the UK, Jess now resides in the beautiful Roman city of Bath. Jess is an avid film lover and can … Continue reading

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The Regency Romance

I think I’ve got it down.  After reading every regency romance our library carries and some it doesn’t, I’ve finally come to the end of my regency study. Here is what I’ve found… 1) The heroine will probably be an … Continue reading

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When, Were, & Howl: Stuck, Really I’m Stuck!

It’s coming!  I swear it is.  I’m just having so much trouble plotting #6 of the When, Were, & Howl series.  Humor is one of those sticky things.  When it works, it works.  I don’t know how to force it, … Continue reading

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Business Sense and the Creative Mind

We fall in love.  That’s a huge problem for artists.  After hours and hours spent drawing, it’s hard to realize something isn’t working and toss it.  I’ve changed the covers on my When, Were, & Howl novels at least three … Continue reading

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Writing and Lens Choice

  This week I’m reading a Stephen King novel, Dreamcatchers.  Normally when I’m reading, my author brain hibernates and enjoys the novel, only popping up now and again to think…hmmm, did you see how they did that? And then it … Continue reading

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That moment of Triumph

I’m excited…and nervous…and excited…and confused. It’s hard to pick that moment to decide “It’s finished” and finally publish something that has been waiting, and I don’t know how to feel. I’ve been editing Death Knell for months and waiting for … Continue reading

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