Blog Moderation

As a blog owner, I think of the blog as a little piece of my world.  In my home, I don’t answer the door for solicitors. Yes, they have the freedom of speech. They can talk all they want about the latest vacuum or the next election, but I don’t have to answer the door.

I feel the same way about this blog, which is why I DO use the Moderator button.  Today I received a comment that directly related to a blog posting, but the very next comment asked that I delete the first comment as the gentleman was “not moderated…ever.” 

That’s a shame, because I wasn’t moderating someone based on whether or not they agreed with me or one of my guest authors. I’m just trying to keep the comments free of spam and foul language. My house. No solicitation. 

I’m not going to change my policy, even if it offends. Seventy-five percent of what I see is spam and not remotely related to the original content.  However, I will say to the gentleman that if you would like me to put the original comment up, I will hold it a week before deleting as requested.


About jeanetteraleigh

Jeanette Raleigh is an artist and author who has spent most of her life at some creative pursuit. Whether painting a castle or writing a novel, Jeanette enjoys the playful aspects of creation and strives to make worlds where others feel at home. You can find her works of art and information about her fiction at
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1 Response to Blog Moderation

  1. Freedom of speech (at least on WordPress) is a two way street named Moderation. You are completely correct in your application of that tool.

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