Guest Authors: Traci Tyne Hilton and Shirley Bourget

Today I would like to introduce two fantastic authors to you:  Traci Tyne Hilton & Shirley Bourget. Traci’s written in a few genres, Gone and the Mitzy Neuhaus series, Foreclosed & Eminent Domain. I’ve enjoyed reading her work and can heartily recommend both seriesShirley Bourget’s book Blood promises to be a fascinating blend of paranormal and horror. 


In Traci Hilton’s science fiction novel Gone, Verity, heir to a throne back on Earth, has some serious problems of her own out on the space station.  Her brother and sister, known trouble-makers, have disappeared. What’s worse, they seem to have poisoned their tutor and left the space station.

It is up to Verity to find them.  But as she hunts for her wayward siblings, she discovers a disturbing plot that could put thousands in danger. Here is an excerpt of Gone

Had Tamsin slipped Thomas a mickey and then tied him up in his sleeping compartment? The idea beggared belief. “Where did they go, Thomas?” Verity stood on her toes and reached inside to untie the laces.

He groaned again then said, “coffee” or something similar.

“They went to the coffee shop?” Verity gave Thomas another shake. His eyes fluttered shut again.

Verity pressed the palm of her hand to Thomas’ forehead. He was clammy and cold. “Oh,Thomas, what happened?”  She let her hand rest on his forehead for a moment. Could she really find them without Thomas? Her heart fluttered in her chest. She wouldn’t think about without Thomas right now. She’d check the coffee instead.

There was a coffee cup in the drinks holder of his sleeping compartment. Verity dipped her pointer finger in it, letting her embed-comm soak in a sample. She tapped the wall of the compartment and said, “Send sample data to chem-lab 52.”

Her comm crackled a little. The voice of the lab tech came through, “Is this Verity?”

It is. Could you run a scan on the data I just sent?”

“Absolutely. Does this have something to do with your brother and sister?” The tech had a high-pitched note of panic in her voice.

“Yes, probably. And they are going to be in serious trouble when I lay my hands on them.”

Thus begins Verity’s hunt for her wayward brother and sister, one that leads off the station and into danger… 

I’d also like to introduce Shirley Bourget, a paranormal author who writes with vivid images. Her novel is a tale about skinwalkers. Sometimes an excerpt says it all.  This is taken from Shirley Bourgets book Blood. (Please note:  Some people may find parts offensive. This book is for mature audiences.)

She was running, racing through the trees with a speed unimaginable, and her feet barely seemed to touch the soft ground beneath her as she sprang over the forest floor.

She smelled the deer although she couldn’t see it. Her feet carried her to it without thought, turning her body in the direction she needed to go in order to follow its scent.

Her surroundings were alive. She felt, heard, and tasted every blade of grass, every pine tree, and every stone. It was as though she had become one with the earth, and as she felt its energy flowing through her veins, she slowed her movements and lowered her head expectantly.
The deer was munching on the tender shoots of new forest grass just to the right of her, and she hunched her back, pulling her head lower towards the ground as she approached. The startled animal raised its head and perked its ears, listening to the soft sound of her footfall, but it was too late. She sprang with lightning speed and had the deer by the neck before it could position its feet under its body to run away.
Her teeth sank beneath its skin and the rush of blood drove her wild. She bit harder, shaking her powerful jaw to fasten her hold as she tore into the animal’s neck. It wiggled beneath her but she covered it with her commanding body and forcefully pushed it to the ground. She held fast as it continued to struggle and as the life of the deer left its flesh, an electrical type current ran through her and she felt its essence return to the earth.

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Jeanette Raleigh is an artist and author who has spent most of her life at some creative pursuit. Whether painting a castle or writing a novel, Jeanette enjoys the playful aspects of creation and strives to make worlds where others feel at home. You can find her works of art and information about her fiction at
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