Product Review of Pens: Primarily Gel

I was planning to purchase a few more varieties before this post, but a Walgreen’s pricing error has me stocked up for the next 6 months on Uniball 207 pens, so I’m going to post now.

As a notebook writer, not talking Mac here, I look for the smoothest pen with the least leakage.  You’d think it would be easy, but not all pens live up to their brand names or advertisements.  I’m going to list the pens in order from my favorite to least favorite with the reasons why. (I use .07 blue & black ink)

Uniball 207

    Incredibly smooth pen and no leakage.  Unfortunately they are also expensive and only last a few weeks at the level that I use them.  Although this is my favorite, unless I see a killer sale, I use my second choice pen.

Pilot G2

Not quite as smooth as the Uniball but it’s good. Also, I’ve never had a G2 leak.  Because the price usually beats Uniball, it lasts longer, and I can more easily get the ink replacements, this is the pen I use most.

Staples Continuum

I’ve only recently been introduced to the Staples Continuum gel pen and plan to try it out a bit more to see how it writes.  I have a feeling it might take second place and replace the G2 pens as a favorite.  The writing is incredibly smooth with the Staples Continuum and for the short amount of time I used it, no leaks but I don’t know how long the pen lasts and haven’t priced it out.


Uniball Jetstream 101

I don’t like the feel of this pen when it writes.  I don’t use it much, so I can’t attest to longevity or leakage. It’s smooth, but just doesn’t feel right. I can’t explain it other than that. It might be how it feels in my hand…

Bic Velocity Gel

I’ve had pen leaks with this pen. To me that makes smoothness & longevity irrelevant, although it competes with the G2 in that arena.

Pilot Precise V5

When these things leak, it’s like an explosion. Not as smooth as the others, although they are roller ball vs gel, I think. I haven’t used them since the great leak.


Papermate Profile

This pen  REALLY annoyed me.  I bought it because I was planning this review and the little advertising blurb on the package billed it as “The World’s Smoothest Pen”. No. It’s not. Not even close. You might as well buy a dozen of their cheap pens because it’s the same technology.



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  1. The way a pen feels when it writes is important!

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