Clear Skin & Healthy Food

Talk about the link between junk food and bad skin and everyone groans and cries Myth. Why? Because the alternative would be to stop eating junk food and how very addicted we are. In January, I decided to eat healthy. I didn’t do so well. I lasted two days and then ‘let myself’ have a doughnut. (which turned into three doughnuts)

So now in April, I’ve started again. I’m up to ten days in a row now with no sugary junk food. I’ve allowed myself breads (even though they’ve got high-fructose corn syrup) but nothing overtly junk-food. And already I feel better and my skin looks fresher.

Is it easy? No. So far I’ve turned down cheesecake, lemon bars, coke, and ice cream. (These are items people offered me.) For myself, I felt the urge to buy chocolate on two different occasions and licorice, as well as having had two dreams, one of cookies and one of pudding in which I suddenly realized I was eating junk food and now had to start over. TEN DAYS FOLKS. All that junk food in only ten days and had I not been committed, I would have indulged in every one of them (well, except the dream food). Let’s face it. I’m a sugar addict.

My stickers work great for writing 1000 words a day, but didn’t do a thing for junk food. Why? Because my self-motivation for the writing is higher than the motivation for eating healthy.

My secret? I’m bribing myself. I haven’t decided whether to buy a CD player for my car, a Kindle, or a bicycle, but if I made it 60 days for the CD player or 120 days for the bicycle, I’m golden.

Either way, I can tell you there is a distinct difference between how I look and what I eat. In high school when I drank Pepsi like water, I had serious acne problems. When I stopped drinking pop, surprise, the problems cleared up. Also, if you find yourself suffering mood swings and depression, instead of running to the first pharmacist you see for prozac, try getting off sugar first. You might be surprised at what junk food does to you…


About jeanetteraleigh

Jeanette Raleigh is an artist and author who has spent most of her life at some creative pursuit. Whether painting a castle or writing a novel, Jeanette enjoys the playful aspects of creation and strives to make worlds where others feel at home. You can find her works of art and information about her fiction at
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  1. As a follow-up, I made it and ended up getting the Kindle. I’ve continued on with my quest for a healthy life-style and have decided to allow myself ‘holiday’ junk food fests. That will give me about 10 days a year to indulge. The next one will be pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving. 🙂

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