Going the Extra Mile:

I’m one of those people who can be very embarrassing to family and friends.  It’s not a purposeful thing.  I just don’t generally care whether or not I’m planning to humiliate myself.  Today, I took $60 in quarters to the bank.  Were they wrapped in those little ten dollar coin wrappers?  No, they were not.  They were separated out into ten dollar segments in non bank-approved business envelopes.

I fully expected the teller to give me ‘that look’. You know the one.  The “you’re a crazy person and you’re wasting my time.” Then, I thought she would say. “We don’t accept that many coins unless they’re wrapped.”  I would then slink out of the bank with a huge pile of quarters for which I was unwilling to pay 10% for a machine to count to figure out what I would do.

Instead, the teller smiled.  She counted my coins and didn’t make me feel like a fool.  Yes, I know I was setting myself up for it, but I chose a Saturday when the bank was mostly dead so I wouldn’t put any customers out.  I went in fully prepared to be turned away with a snide comment and was pleased that she actually counted all $60 in quarters with a smile.

Yes, it’s what bank tellers do. They count money.  But this one went above and beyond. You never know when your customer is going to blog about the really great or crappy thing you did to them.

So thank you Valley Bank of Washington.  I would recommend you to anyone!


About jeanetteraleigh

Jeanette Raleigh is an artist and author who has spent most of her life at some creative pursuit. Whether painting a castle or writing a novel, Jeanette enjoys the playful aspects of creation and strives to make worlds where others feel at home. You can find her works of art and information about her fiction at www.jeanetteraleigh.com.
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